Wednesday, July 30th

Workout of the Day


Bench Press (3′s Intensification)

Follow each set of bench with one arm KB swings (5 each arm)

Two Board Press 4 sets of 3

Hammer Curl and Press for 50 Reps

Tuesday, July 29th

Workout of the Day



Mountain Climbers

Butterfly Situps

Plank Rows

Dead Bugs

Perform each exercise for 20 seconds and then take 10 seconds to transition to next exercise.  perform 6 rounds.

Monday, July 28th

Workout of the Day


We have a special workout today.  You will have two options for your workout today.

The first is a special Deadlift Challenge workout from Dan John.  It is in celebration of our long time client and Alliance coach Lynn Levy.  She loves deadlifts and just happens to own a world record in that lift along with her bench press record in the WNPF.  The Dan John deadlift challenge is to perform as many reps as possible with 315# in 30 minutes.  Dan’s brother who is 61 performed 61 reps in the allotted time.  For our challenge we will offer the scaled version of the challenge by having you perform your age in reps with your bodyweight.


Option #2

Deadlift (5′s Intensification)

Single Leg Box Squats 6 sets of 5 each leg with progressively heavier weights.

Weighted glute bridges 6 sets of 5

Thursday, July 24th

Workout of the Day


Air Squats

Jumping Jacks


Seal Jacks

Jump Lunges

Jump Rope

Jump Squat

Low Pogos

Perform each exercise for 20 seconds then rest 10 seconds before moving to the second exercise.  Repeat 4 rounds.


50 Knees to Elbows

50 Back Extensions

These can be broken up as you choose.

Wednesday, July 23rd

Workout of the Day


Bench Press (3′s Accumulation)

Follow each set of bench with 10 KB Swings.


Max Strict Pullups

Bench Bodyweight(men), Half Bodyweight(women), or 60%max x AMAP

Repeat 4 Rounds